【About ECC】

Founded in 1966, Essex County College has been recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) since 1974 and is committed to providing quality education and lifelong learning at the most affordable prices. The college is open to students with a variety of backgrounds and abilities. The school offers more than 560 courses in 48 majors and accepts students from 51 different countries. 
In 2019, Essex County College opened an international summer program for students world-wide to earn credits during the summer vacation. In the summer vacation, professors of Essex County College will come and teach in China. The course covered multiple subject areas. JNC Study Abroad Platform (JNC) is responsible for promoting, enrolling and other service work. After the summer session, the official US transcripts issued by Essex County College will be used to ensure that the summer course credits are successfully transferred to the university to help students by shortening the time needed for graduation.