About Seminole State College of Florida(ssc)】
Seminole State College of Florida (SSC), originally called Seminole Community College, was founded in 1965. It is located in Sanford, Florida, U.S.. SSC offers an impressive variety of majors such as business, engineering, social science, computer, art and design, etc. It has an excellent, professional faculty, and accepts students with diverse cultural backgrounds. The mission of SSC is to create a high-quality education which focused on learning. The core mission is to make the students successful. After studying in SSC, students gain necessary skills and knowledge that will lay a firm foundation for their future.
The main reason that students would like to choose SSC is because they are attracted by its remarkable academic reputation, impressive courses, favorable location. environment, and reasonable tuition. SSC is committed to provide various support and help to students, including helping the freshmen to adapt to the campus life, diverse course offerings, developing honors programs for excellent students, and offering scholarships and opportunities for teaching assistantships.
In 2017, SSC set up an international summer program in China in cooperation with JNC. This Summer Session offers courses in multiple subjects, and it is dedicated to helping students make use of their summer holidays to earn college credits. During the summer session, a team of faculty from SSC will come to teach in China. The faculty will take the full responsibility for the  summer teaching and relevant teaching affairs, and JNC will manage program promotion, student services, etc. After finishing the summer courses, each student will receive an official transcript issued by the Office of Academic Affairs from SSC, which is widely accepted so students can transfer their credits to their universities in North America. Taking courses at SSC Summer Session in China not only enables students to save time and expense for their university study, but also reduces their time in earning credits helping them to graduate earlier.